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Is Outsourcing Right for My Company?

Finding the right supply chain partner can be the key to unlocking your company's competitive potential

Making the decision to outsource key parts of your business to a 3rd party supplier can seem like a daunting task . For each success story attributed to outsourcing, there seems to be a cautionary tale about a company who chose the wrong partner and suffered severe consequences.
As with any business partnership, trust is a key element of long-term success. At Shin Shin, we take pride in our commitment to operational transparency, clear communication and responsible manufacturing. Our customers trust us, and it shows: not only do we support many of the world’s leading electronics makers, but many of them have relied on us as a supply chain partner from more than ten years!
With the right partner, companies looking to outsource their supply chains can benefit greatly from leveraging economies of scale, relatively low labor rates, increased supply chain flexibility and on-the-ground, local experience, without sacrificing quality, lead time performance or peace of mind.
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