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Supplier-Owned Inventory

Shin Shin's Supplier-owned Inventory programs consolidate procurement activities & storage costs, support lean manufacturing and limit customer risk

Shin Shin manages on-site, SOI (supplier-owned inventory) fulfillment centers which allow customers to run lean manufacturing programs with the highest efficiency and lowest risk possible.

For manufacturers, in-house procurement and warehousing can be problematic and expensive. Being responsible for managing multiple vendors is time consuming, and the cost of keeping inventory on-site can eat into profits at a remarkable rate.

Benefits of our SOI services include:

  • Vendor Management: We manage negotation with vendors over, price, lead-time, quality etc.
  • Consolidated Purchasing: Bulk purchaing of common components brings down prices and frees the customer from high MOQ's.
  • Quality control: In-bound and outbound quality inspections minimize time spent on QC at customer site
  • JIT Fulfillment: Close proximity to customer site means we can provide shipments with multiple daily call-offs

As lean manufacturing practices become increasingly commonplace, the strength of these benefits becomes more apparent. Relying on a single contact point to provide many or allof the necessary components with a Just In Time supply model allows our customers to focus on what they do best: Making great products.