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Shin Shin Trading

Using our deep experience & expertise to find reliable distribution and sales partners in Japan and China

With decades of experiences doing business in Japan and China, Shin Shin can help US-based companies find reliable sales, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, distribution, and localization partners in both of these key markets. By combining our sales network with our supply chain cabilities, Shin Shin is uniquely able to provide customers with a full sales + supply chain solution, resulting in greater performance syngergy, improved transparency and better value.

Shin Shin has close distributor relationships with many of the top retailers in Japan and China, including:

  • Electronics Retailers
  • Home product Retailers
  • Sporting goods Retailers
  • Top Online Retailers. 

For companies who are looking to build sales in Japan or China, not being able to find a distribution partner, or worse, connecting with the wrong distribution partner, is often the biggest barrier to success. The key is finding the right partner – one with a strong retail presence and a high incentive to sell their partner's products. Some distributors in Japan and China look to get the exclusive distribution contract signed first, and worry about sales later. This can result in foreign companies being locked into distribution agreements that don't lead to satisfactory sales. 

We help our customers to connect with reputable, proven distribution and sales parters, and we make sure that the business is structured in a way that maximizes incentives and minimizes risk. 

If you think your business could benefit from Shin Shin trading services, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.